1Which services do you include in the process of creating a full motion video/animated video?
We deal with the second part of the animated video creation process. We usually receive illustrations/ drawings and/or graphics, then we animate them. Some clients also send voice overs or music, and some don’t. We always incorporate sound effects into the videos, and encode them in the correct format. If you don’t have a script for voice overs, or you don’t have a voice over artist, we can choose either or both from our vast selection, at a fixed price. Source files are included, and you’ll receive them when the project is completed.
2How long does it take to create an animated explainer video?
The timeframe varies according to video type, length and the quality of our communication. Once we receive the files, we typically need 2 or 3 days to create a 90 second, level 1 video. Our communication tool will help increase the speed and improve the flow of our exchanges.
3Do you share the project’s source files?
Yes, unlike the current, common market practice, and without any additional cost!
4Who holds the rights to the videos?
You do. We can use the video for marketing purposes on our websites, blogs or social networks. If you don’t want us to do so, then we won’t use your video.
5How can I comment on the video and ask for edits?
We have an amazing communication tool for that very purpose. You can leave comments on the scripts, the music, the voiceover and the video. It’s an extremely intuitive tool, you simply have to click and directly comment onto it, and we receive the comment with the precise timestamp. No need for any .pdf or .doc files that need editing, printing, annotating, renaming and sending back!
6Are subtitles included in the rates?
No, they’re not, but we do offer you a discounted rate compared to the going rates. You can find our comprehensive price list here.
7Which files should I ask my designer or illustrator for?
You can check our section named “Which files should I send?” to see how we prefer to organise things. However, we remain very flexible on this point, as each person is different, including their ways of organising themselves. Our bare minimum need is for source files to be organised layer by layer, to avoid having to reorganise them later on.
8What if the files don’t meet your criteria? What would it cost?
If you don’t have the actual source files for your illustrations or graphic designs, or if your files aren’t properly organised in successive layers, it will take a considerable amount of work and time to reorganise them. You can click here for an overview of the file organisation we require. But don’t worry, our aim is not to rip you off; we’re very understanding and don’t charge much for this. We will, however, inform you before starting with the project, and we’ll give you a refund if you don’t accept our rate. We usually ask nothing of our clients, but we do try and raise their awareness so that their files are better prepared for the next projects.
9Can I increase the complexity level before or during the project?
You can choose to change the complexity level before we start working on the animation. In that case we’ll need 2 days to reorganise our studio resources. If you choose to change the complexity level after we’ve started on the animation (especially if you go from level 2 to level 3), you will have to pay the difference plus the amount of 190$, whatever the length of the video. If you wish to change the length of the video, and the voice-over has already been recorded, you will need to order a new recording, or send us yours.
10What if I don’t like what you’ve created?
Don’t worry! You can ask for edits at each step of the animation creation process We ensure that the final video we send our clients brings them complete satisfaction. If you’re still not happy with it, we’ll find a solution for you: your happiness is our main objective. If you’ve already paid us a deposit in advance, and you decide to stop, we’ll send you the source files and you’ll be free to carry on with your project elsewhere, without any issue at our end.
11Can I have a video that’s longer than initially agreed upon?
Yes, you can. It can generate additional costs, but these will be added to the final bill. We use 5 second time blocks to calculate the additional billable costs. However, we’re not super rigid on this point, and you need not worry if it’s only a few additional seconds.


1Can I pick the music?
Of course! We’ll send you a link from which you can pick your music, and our project leader will pick three samples for you.
2What are the ownership rights over the music and voiceover? Can I use them for TV for instance?
These rights solely concern usage on the internet, or internal communication. If you need to reach a wider audience (TV, for example), please get in touch with us or send us your music directly.


1What deposit do you require to start producing our animation?
We require 50 % of the total amount before we can start working. You can also choose to pay the entire amount from the start, and thus get a discount. If you’re uncomfortable with this idea, get in touch with us to arrange a free 10 to 15 second test. Whatever the case, we’ll always try to make sure you are happy with our services.
2Which means of payment do you accept?
We accept bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards, as well as PayPal. Please contact us if you wish to pay with a different method.
3Do you offer discounts to clients who wish to create more than one video?
Discounts are available for large-scale video projects. Please contact us for further information. You need a contractual commitment to 4 videos or more before we can consider your project as being large-scale.
4Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel the project? What is your refund policy?
Refunds are only possible before we start working on the animation, the script or the voice-over, 30 days from the payment date. After 30 days, the down payment becomes credit given with the company, to be used within 90 days following the start of the contract. If you’re facing difficulties at the start of your project, send us an email and we’ll find a solution to avoid your losing your credit. If you do decide to go ahead with our animation services, we will be delighted to carry out as many edits as you need so that you’re fully satisfied. However, once we actually start with the animation, we will be unable to refund the down payment.
5Will I receive an invoice after the end of the project?
If you place your order online, an invoice will be automatically generated. If you add options after paying, you will receive any additional invoice(s). You can also contact us at any time and request one, and we will it send you via email.
6I need a video for my client. Can I outsource it to you?
Of course you can! We work with many creators of explainer videos by supplying the with « White Label » animation services. Our services are completely confidential and you can also receive a partner’s discount. Please contact us for further information.
7Do you offer special rates for resellers?
Yes, we do. Our ‘White Label » partners receive a 15 to 20 % discount on our usual rates for each service type. Please contact us directly for further details.


1Can I choose the voice-over artist?
Our team works closely with several voice over artists whom we can suggest. If you decide to choose someone else, you can easily find them online, on platforms specifically dedicated to this type of work.
2Who directs the voice-over artists?
If you decide to choose one of the voice-over artists we recommended, our project manager will confer with the artist, who will then contact you. At that point, you will, of course, be able to examine and comment upon the recording on our online collaborative platform.
3Can I switch to a different voice over artist in the course of the project?
Yes, you can, however you will have to pay for the cost associated with a new voice-over artist. Likewise, if you send us a new voice-over recording that doesn’t fit the length, rhythm and structure of the video (if the video has already been recorded), we will have to resynchronise it. We’re happy to assist our clients, and their satisfaction is our main goal, and for that reason we carry out resynchronisation for free if it is straightforward. More complex resynchronisations will require us to charge you for the added time at a rate of 69€ /hour.
4Is it possible to record the voiceover after the video is finished?
We don’t usually work that way, since it’s more difficult to then sync the voice with the actual rhythm of the video, but if you’re absolutely certain that the script matches the video, we are willing to give it a try. We would then charge you the cost of the voice over and the hours required to synchronise the video (at 69€ /hour). If you are faced with a similar situation, please contact us or schedule a call with us.
5Can I send you my recommendations for the voice-over?
Absolutely, and it’s really easy thanks to our collaborative platform. You can sign into our platform and submit your instructions. You can even send them directly to the project manager. Thanks to our tool, you can also directly annotate the voice over with the specific timecodes.
6Can I still modify the script and instructions after I’ve sent them?
Contact us as soon as possible if the voiceover artist hasn’t yet started recording. If that’s not the case, the artist will have to return to the studio, and some additional costs will apply. Each retake required by changes to the script or the brief will cost 25 % of the total voice over rate. We usually have to restart the entire recording in order to keep the congruence between the recording and the background sound ambience.
7What if my script doesn’t resemble the spoken language?
That usually depends on the selected artist. In this case, we can recommend that you find your own voiceover artist. You may contact us for a list of the best voiceover platforms. Our artists are all voiceover professionals, but they’re not all scriptwriters. We can’t promise, therefore, that the text can be reworked during the recording process, but we can certainly ask them. It has happened that one of our voice-over artists recorded 2 or 3 different versions with a few simple changes to the text. In that case, you can also leave the writing of the script to us.