How it works

Introducing our explainer video creation service

Choose your video’s complexity level. You can order a whole video, and we’ll go through the entire creation process with you, or you can just place an order for us to animate your artwork/illustration/image


Script writing

Prior research is necessary for each of our projects, so after we help define the goal of your video, we identify your target-audience, and then work together on crafting your message in a way that generates impact and involvement. We then develop a custom creative concept, and write your script and voiceover text.

Mood board

This step involves confirming your visual style . We offer suggestions for the background or ambiance, form and colours, and then exchange views.


We ensure that you’re offered the best voiceover artists for the job. Men, women, elders, child-like voices, we have a large voiceover artist catalog. Our Talent manager will guide them through the recording process to adapt to the music and breathe life into your video.


We generate a storyboard from the mood board, and with your confirmation, our artists get to work bringing it to life. Each scene is presented with the text and descriptions of the animation, so that you get a better idea of how the final video will look.


This is where the magic starts! We give motion to your artwork, paying particular attention to transitions, visual angles and voiceover synchronisation.

Music and Sound effects

It’s all about music: that’s why “audio” comes before “visual” in “audio-visual”. This step is paramount and simply cannot be neglected. Besides the music selection, we optimise and craft the sound design and volume to immerse and captivate your audience.

W e create a style ideal for your message and audience

Y ou can send us your own voiceover recording or you can let us choose a voiceover artist for you.

If you simply need your artwork and illustrations to be animated.

Tell us what type of animation you require, load the necessary files, and give us a deadline.

We’ll get started on the project after checking and analysing your files.

In the meantime, you can pick your chosen voiceover artist and we’ll start recording their lines. In the same timeframe, our project manager will send you a selection of musical pieces that match your video.
Our team starts the animation process and works on sound effects.

You can start checking the first draft of your video and write your comments and annotations directly on our platform.

We’ll keep working on the video until you’re perfectly happy, irrespective of the complexity level you’ve chosen.
After accepting the work, you’ll receive your invoice, your video encoded in the format you chose, and your source files.

Depending on the chosen payment method, you may at that time easily complete your invoice payment.

What does « level of complexity » mean?

Adding more visual effects is great, but not always necessary. We find that a good rhythm, an effective sound design, and realistic movements are much more useful. We’re here to help you make the best choice based on your intended use and budget.

How to check the videos and work with your project manager?

Nothing’s easier thanks to our online tool. You and your colleagues will be able to check videos and documents 5 times faster with our tool.

  • You can log into our platform and review the video.
  • You can also add annotations and comments directly on the video as you wish.
  • You can watch the video and check the progress at any time of the day.
  • You can speak directly to your project manager on the platform.
  • You can also track the changes and edits you’ve requested, and see the work underway simply by logging into your account on our platform.