Editing & Post-production

Upload your SD cards and we’ll edit your videos.

Send us your rushes and our film editors will turn your raw footage into ready-to-air videos.

    • Unlimited edits100%
    • Secure network100%
    • Data Management100%
    • Light calibration100%
    • Sound mixing100%
    • Collaborative tool100%


Use a local cameraman and leave the post-production to us

Transform your corporate interviews or videos into more modern, dynamic and attractive videos. We’ll integrate motion design into your videos. We adapt our illustrations and animated icons to your graphic charter.

    • Unlimited edits100%
    • Script development100%
    • Source file delivery100%
    • Tailor-made style100%
    • Graphic proposals100%
    • Collaborative tools100%

For what types of videos?

Order online simply

Upload your files and fill in our brief appointment form

Video check

Show us the video you want modified

Sending Rushes & Graphic Charter

We’ll explain to you how to send us your rushes or video. You send us your graphic charter as well as the elements you want to see in your videos.

Stylistic choice & Editing

You describe for us what you want to animate, and we’ll suggest illustrations and icons.

O ur video editors work closely with our cameramen and directors to ensure that the narrative structure, rhythm, ambiance and mindset of the video matches your initial brief.
We can deliver the format you prefer, and can work with short deadlines.

Give a new lease on life to your videos

  • Use a local or in-house cameraman
  • Streamline your videos
  • Unmatched pricing
  • Unlimited edits
  • Time-saving
  • Secure servers
  • Follow along with our work online
  • No subscription needed